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ESHRE 2017, Geneva

ESHRE 2017, Geneva

Gynotec is the manufacturer of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) instruments and focused on delivering advanced medical products to assist In Vitro Fertilization, since 1993.

Gynotec has broadened their product portfolio:

IVF Basics®:
•    Culture, handling and conditioning medium HTF and HTF HEPES.
•    SpermTec Gradient, HTF based.
•    Custom made media.

•    Mona Lisa® Aspiration Needles.
•    SEC-PUR IUI Catheters.
•    SpermFilter® Gradient.
•    SpermWash® Medium.
•    Sperm CryoTM All-round, Cryoprotectant.

Proven products over 100.000 IVF cycles. Better Products – Best Price. Distributors wanted.