Mona Lisa® Aspiration Needles are used for ultrasound-guided transvaginal collection and transport of oocytes from ovarian follicles.


This Follicle Aspiration Needle is a sterile, single-use needle with a double laser mark and two finger control for a better orientation for an enhanced follicle penetration and oocyte retrieval. 


Features & Benefits:

Lancet shape
Very sharp through design and polishing
Punctures also with low velocity
Cuts only in line
Double laser mark
Enhances visibility on the echo-screen without disturbing the image
Facet grinding
Combines sharp cutting with the pushing effect of a trocar
Extra safe because no tissue is cut away
Two finger control
Enhances the control of the precision puncture
Indicates opening of the needle point
Tubing diameter
Every needle diameter has its own corresponding tubing diameter
to avoid turbulence


We offer customization for all needle sets.
You can create your own custom product.


Quality control:

Method Procedure
Sterilization By Radiation
Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) 2-Cell survival > 80%
Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL)    Endotoxin testing by 0.5 EU/ml