About Gynotec B.V.

Since the foundation of Gynotec in 1993 Gynotec has grown into an international manufacturer of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) instruments. We are dedicated to focus on delivering advanced high quality medical products to assist In Vitro Fertilization. Developing and manufacturing high quality products combined with an excellent service to our customers are key for Gynotec.


Based in the eastern part of The Netherlands along the German border, Gynotec is centrally located nearby Europe’s leading medical institutions and clinics.


Where do we stand for

Gynotec has developed and manufactured products for ART for more than 25 years. With this experience we are committed to provide ‘Best Products – Best Price’ in the medical device industry with all the elements a customer would require:

  • High quality
  • Better Products – Best Price
  • Quality assurance
  • Experience

Gynotec is committed to provide the highest quality products and services possible in order to meet our customer’s wishes and ultimately to contribute successfully to the child wishes of their patients.




Area of Expertise

The Gynotec product line provides assistance during every step in fertility treatment from In Vitro Fertilization to embryo development.